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Jacksonville’s Mayor John Dopson arrested

The News


If you live in Georgia, you’ve probably heard that the Jacksonville’s Mayor John Dopson was arrested on January 1, 2016. As if the city wasn’t having enough problems with its police chief getting in hot water, now that the mayor has been arrested, things are in even worse shape.


The 411


Dopson was arrested for using a police car without authorization. But wait, it gets worse. Sheriff Chris Steverson released a statement that Mayor John Dopson refused to take a drug test when he was pulled over in the Dodge Charger patrol car on US 411. Not only that, but Dopson told the arresting office that the reason he wouldn’t submit to a blood or urine drug test is that he knew it would test positive for “weed.” states that Jacksonville’s “appointed” mayor John Dopson refused drug tests at the sheriff’s office Monday night after he was pulled over in a 2008 blue Dodge Charger patrol car on U.S. 441 near Ga. 117. Dopson was charged with both impersonating an officer and a DUI. Steverson also reported that Jacksonville locals had been calling in complaints about Dopson driving erratically and suing the flashing blue lights on the police vehicle. After Dopson’s arrest, one woman came forward and said that he tried to pull her over by using the lights.




Although the police force was oddly flattered by his desire to impersonate an office, Dopson was arrested because there was a real threat to public safety as well as to the mayor himself. To read the full scoop, go to Macon.


Repeat Offender


Although this is the first time Dopson was arrested for impersonating a police officer, it is not the first time he has done it. Sheriff’s deputies had taken reports about him doing it many times in the past, and this time he got caught.


Dopson has been mayor of Jacksonville late last year, and according to state records has been waiting to go on trial for a felony aggravated assault charge, which involved pointing a gun at another man, according to The Associated. The incident was captured on video, also according to The Associated Press.


Dopson on Facebook


Dopson has posts on his Facebook page that are at best questionable. One notable post from January 27, 2016, reads, “just want to say this morning that I’m sorry for saying on my Facebook page that I thanked the Lord that I ain’t inbred. I had no idea so many in Telfair bristled at that word. It got so many upset that I called Sunday to meet some folks in the cemetery. Now it always gives me cause for pause when somebody wants to meet me in the cemetery, but I went. The people said that I didn’t realize how many people in Telfair were well, you know. So I got to looking around and I said to myself Damn. Anyhow you [sic]  probably asking, John how do you tell of [sic] somebody is we’ll, you know. Well the first thing you look at is their fingers. If they short and fat and stubby that’s a good sign. Secondly you look at their eyes. If they beady eyed and set reall [sic] close together that’s another good sign. And if their forehead slopes back like a Neanderthal that’s damn sure a good sign. And last but not least if their head is so big it want [sic] fit in a hat well they probably you know. So I promise I want [sic] say that no more. That way I want get summoned to no more cemetery meetings.” To read more of his posts, visit  Everipedia.