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  • Top Ten Humorous Office Pranks

    While it is not April fool’s day yet, you don’t have to wait to pull pranks on people in your office. Some of your coworkers may not like it, but others will appreciate the joke, especially if the joke is not on them. Below are some ideas of pranks that you can try in the office. Some may get you in trouble with the boss, but only for a quick second. The boss, too, may laugh at the idea. So, let’s go.

    1. Discounted Vehicle for Sale

    Prior to going to the office, look in the newspaper for free ads. Put an ad in the newspaper selling the boss’s vehicle at a discount price. Make sure that you don’t leave out the phone number and email address of the boss. Mention the hours to call, but make sure that the hours are during office hours. You want all the employees to be laughing too.

    1. Salt in the Sugar

    Get to work earlier than everyone else. Go in the break room and put some salt in the sugar jar and sugar in the salt jar. Watch the faces of your coworkers as they make the coffee and taste it, realizing that their coffee taste very salty. Someone may be mad, but for the most part, it is just a joke to be enjoyed by the rest.

    1. Coffee Switch

    Most employees love to have their coffee in the mornings. Many of them prefer regular coffee instead of decaf. So, volunteer to make coffee and switch the decaf to the regular coffee during the morning hours. Coworkers will wonder why they are not getting that coffee high. Ignite the senses with Espresso during the second half of the day. People will be bouncing off the wall instead of winding down after a long day at work.

    1. The Resignation Letter

    Find two of your best working coworkers that shine more than all other employees. Write copies of their resignation and put on the boss’ desk. Make sure you state the reason for the resignation such as winning the lottery. You could also circulate the letters to other coworkers. Watch them laugh.

    1. Getting Dirtier

    Put some food coloring in the liquid soap jar in the bathroom. Watch people go into the bathroom, wash their hands and find it getting dirtier. Don’t use too much food coloring or your joke may turn into something else.

    1. Prank Call

    Put sticker or tape over the buttons of the phone. Put the phone back and wait as someone calls into the office. Each time someone calls, the phone will continuously ring. The person being pranked will hang up the phone, picking it back up again to see if that would solve the dilemma while you are watching from a distance.

    1. Spreading Gossip

    Office gossip is a given and there are some people in the office that are good at it. Use them to spread gossip about the coworker who is being pranked, but make sure that the information is not true and lighthearted enough to make everyone laugh about it.

    1. The Cleaning Staff

    Collaborate with the cleaning people to pull off this prank. Put up an ‘out of order’ sign on the elevator and at the door of the restroom. Watch the look of frustration on the faces of your coworkers. This prank will work all the time.

    1. Muffled Sounds

    Stick clear tape on the ear piece of the telephone. When someone calls in, the person who is being pranked will answer the phone, not being able to hear anything because the call will be muffled. However, try this one on a coworker who loves to make personal calls.  

    1. The Animal Clients

    On the top of the list is the prank with animal clients or at least, this is what the pranked person will think. Use this on a receptionist that spends most time on the Internet and doesn’t do her work. Give her some animal names and zoo numbers to call. Create names such as Mr. Tigger or Mrs Lyon. Stand and watch as she becomes literally red in the face.


  • Top 10 Real Funny Teacher Stories

    You probably have been to school and seen some hilarious things that teachers have to endure You may have noticed children playing tricks on other kids, but overall, most of us have good memories of kindergarten, elementary school, high school and college; at least, for the most part. Below are some funny, but real stories that teachers experienced with their students.

    The Oxy-Moron

    After finishing his lecture in English and once the students filed out, the teacher was confronted by one of the tenth grade student who had lagged behind. He told the teacher that he did not appreciate that the teacher singled him out in class. The teacher looked confused at the allegation and asked the student to explain. He told the teacher that he did understand the first part of the word that was used in class, which was oxy, but he did not understand the term moron and why the teacher had looked directly at him while saying the word, oxymoron.

    The Music Teacher

    A music teacher had her middle school class perform the classic, Mozart, but after a few failed attempts, the students were exasperated and frustrated. One student put her hand up and when the teacher called on her, she bluntly told her that the entire chorus class were fed up with Mozart and wanted to sing and play music from their generation and not the teacher’s generation.

    Not Wide Enough for Translating

    A German teacher had his student learn his name in German language. It was supposed to be Frau Draper. However, one of the students created a pin for the teacher with his name on it. However, the pin was not wide enough to fit his entire name. As he gave the badge to the German teacher, it was obvious that it read FRAUD.

    No Paper Trail

    One teacher entered his classroom for the morning. He was in the process of collecting homework when he did not receive the completed assignment from one particular student. After asking the student for his homework, the student replied that the homework was still in his pencil.

    Filthy Rich

    As a first grader draped a dollar bill across his eyes playfully, the teacher told him not to do that because money is filled with germs. The student did not believe and asked the teacher, is it? The teacher confirmed that it was very dirty. The student thought about it for a moment and then asked the teacher if that is why people called the wealthy, ‘filthy rich.’

    Call by First Name

    Natalie Osborne was a sixth grade teacher. One day while in class, she got exasperated with the students constantly calling on her “Ms. Osborne, Ms. Osborne, Ms. Osborne? So she asked the class firmly to see if they could go five minutes without saying ‘Ms. Osborne.’ Immediately, there was quite in the classroom until a soft voice said, “Natalie?”

    Turning Right

    A few students were in driver’s education class. While one student was driving and the teacher in the passenger seat, two students sat in the back waiting for their turn to drive. The student driving came to a stop sign and was told to make a right turn. She did not put on her turning signal. So the driver’s education teacher told her she had to. The student told him that there was no other driver coming. The instructor then told her it would be helpful if she did this for the sake of those behind her. The student then turned around and told the other students seated in the back, “I am going to turn right now, OK?”


    Smart First Grade Teacher

    Kindergarten students were having snacks. The teacher asked the students why they thought some raisins were black and others yellow. The kindergarten teacher did not really know the answer so she asked her first grade coworker who told her that black raisins came from red grapes and yellow raisins came from green grapes. One little girl then told the kindergarten teacher that this was the reason why the teacher was teaching first grade and not kindergarten because she was smarter.


    The Ship

    In an art class, the teacher asked students to draw on of the three ships sailed by Christopher Columbus. One of her third grade student, finishing before the others came and handed in his paper, which only had one dot on the paper. She asked him why. He said that was Columbus far out of sea.


    The Polka Dot Blouse

    One teacher wore a polka dot blouse to school. As she stood welcoming her first grade students in class, one of the students noticed her blouse and decided to pay her a compliment, “Oh, Ms. Brown, you look quite nice this morning, just like the clown at the fair I went to this weekend.”